Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yet Another project!

Evan Lewis Smythe

This is a site that I'm building, from the ground up, for an artist friend of mine.

The things that I'll be focusing on learning through working on this site are the following:

Single page design concepts;

AJAX contact form;

time management;

responsive design;


responsive development.

Follow my site to keep up with the progress of my skills, and what I'm doing.

By His Grace

Ian a.k.a Designer 17

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Newest project!

(c) 2012 all rights reserved.

Designed by Ian Wilson

The newest addition to my project page!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How time flies!

I have, as of yesterday, hit the end of my first month in my 
journey toward becoming a fulltime freelancer within six months!

Now I just have five short months to learn the ropes!

Let's take a look at the list, you know the one that should be on paper but still isn't?

Yeah, that one! (blush)

1) Come up with a business name! (open to suggestions)

2) Create an AMAZING "business plan"

3) Learn marketing skills

4) Continue building design/coding skills

5) Continue building my portfolio

6) Connect to the social media network

7) Start screen casting!

8) Create some WP premium themes

9) F.O.C.U.S. "Follow One Course Until Successful"

Wow! I'm going to be busy! ;)

Check out this amazing company!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Contest Reminder!

Hello readers,

This is just a reminder about our contest.


Design sent to:
August 31, 2012 
12:00pm Central


1) Must be an original idea, cannot be copied!
2) You can work with others to create a design, 

but, they must also receive credit!
3) Must flow with the current blog background.

4) Once sent to me I retain all rights to use the design as

 I choose (with reference to it's creator).
5) I must have received the image 

(through email at: 
no later than 12pm central standard time August 31, 2012.

6) No more than one design per person.

7) The designs need to be sent in JPG or PNG format.


Create a header image for Futuristic Freelancing,
therefore helping the winner get their name out there.


First Place:
Design Featured as the
 header for at least a month.

Blog post with design, creators image, 
and reference to designers site (if desired).
Second Place: 
Blog post with design, creators photo, 
and reference to designers site (if desired).
Third Place:

A thank you email for participation.

Help designers friends get noticed for their skills by sending them to this think.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My BIGGEST management mistake yet!

Today, while messing around with a site I'm working on...I deleted a whole page!

Just because I forgot to double check!

"measure twice, cut once" even applies to web design!

So, I'm here to tell you to make sure your files are arranged in such a way you can find what you're looking for when, you're looking for it! 

And always double check!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Learn logo design!

Since this months theme seems to be header/logo 
design (completely unintentional by-the-way),
I thought I'd post the link to this udemy course about logo design.

My Thoughts:

This course is pretty good, goes from the client's brief, through to the finished product.
Has great content, both video and documentation.


It's on sale for $22 (51% off) through August 18, 2012!